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3/10/2023 - Changelog --
The changes below will be applied in the next server save. These changes apply to both servers unle...
[#36] 27 December 2023 (19:47) by Shaolin - Season 7 - Patch Notes

We are very happy to announce that  Blacktalon’s 7th season will be online in 

January 5th, 2024 - 6 PM UTC.

Some info about donation on seasonal server:

- The points drop system will stay the same as in the previous season. Each drop being the 10% of the total value donated (with a minimum and maximum) such as the following table:


Blacktalon Points

Seasonal Points

3 Hours

Min: 1000 Max: 2500


3 Days

Min: 1000 Max: 2500


6 Days

Min: 1000 Max: 2500


9 Days

Min: 1500 Max: 4000


12 Days

Min: 1500 Max: 4000


15 Days

Min: 1500 Max: 4000


18 Days

Min: 2000 Max: 5000


21 Days

Min: 2000 Max: 5000


24 Days

Min: 2000 Max: 5000


27 Days

Min: 3000 Max: 8000


30 Days

All of the remaining points



After exploring the icy contents of icescar, it's time to explore a mysterious new continent!


You can now pump your hunting numbers up by using our Prey system, similarly to RL Tibia. The Prey system are bonuses related to the monster's stats. 

You can roll for a randomly selected group of monsters and select one of them as your prey. 

It will then roll for a specific bonus applicable to that monster alone, for example: Increased experience; Increased loot; Increased damage dealt and other bonuses. 

If you didn't like the monster choices you got, you can reroll them with prey cards. Same applies to the bonus type and several other prey related functions.

And it is also possible to choose another creature while keeping the current bonus active

Prey cards can be obtained through the daily reward, store and blue diamond shop


We now have presets for other highly requested features other than the skill tree: Spell Improvement and Soul Imbuing. The way they work is quite similar to the skill tree one, you must purchase a preset slot in order to use it and then save the desired configuration. Upon clicking the preset you will automatically change into it in a matter of seconds.

You may find that you'd need to change every single preset for a specific occasion and going through each one can be cumbersome, but we also added a preset loadout to quickly change ALL of the other presets in a single click.

Due to numerous complaints regarding preset price, we decided to lower it from 3 to 1 blue diamond per slot


A very anticipated feature is now officially developed and coming to season 7: buy offers on marketplace! 

All you have to do is to select the desired item, soul scroll or relic to purchase and also determine which attributes or tier that the item should have select the amount and currency you're paying and done! You created a buy offer.

Daily Reward

A reward system that many players had been asking for we decided to add it this season.

Completely free, just log in and collect it!

The rewards always follow a order, resetting every time you complete 7 days

Note: remember that the items are for your own use!

Relic Fusion Quality of Life

For this new season we added a few quality of life changes. You can now select relics from your backpack in a window that will only contain relics. After selecting the desired relic, the subsequent relic slots will have the option to quicky select the same relic that you put in the first slot. 

Reagents do not have that function, since using the same reagent will hinder your chance of success, but we did add a little inventory for reagents only that will pop up upon clicking the arrow inside the reagent slots. This inventory will scan from your backpack and will only contain reagents.

Revamp of some hunting areas


Image 1

Undead Gladiator

Image 2


Image 2

Class Changes


New Skill Tree node (Spiritual Wrath) - Previously "Exposed Wounds"

Mark of the Beast:

Every Time you kill a creature you gain 1 stack (max 10) of Mark of the Beast for 10s: 1.5% critical chance and 2% critical damage

Mark of the Guardian:

Every time you block an attack, you gain 1 stack (max 10) of Mark of the Guardian for 10s: 1.5% armor rating

Mark of the Ent:

Every time you heal a ally, the ally gain the Mark of the Ent: Heals 5% of health/mana per sec for 5s (not stackable)


Reduced secondary weapon damage by 25%

Quick Blades:

Reduced damage to 40% (same as diamond ammo of archer)


Reduced secondary weapon damage by 25%


Diamond Ammo:

Damage reduced 65% -> 40%

New Skill Tree node (Unmoving Bow) - Previously “Inaccurate Agility”

Every second the archer stays still, weapon damage is increased by 2% (max 50 stacks). The damage bonus will reset if the archer moves.

Relic Changes

Critical Damage:

  • Nightmare horn: 7% -> 5%

  • Sight of surrenders eye: 8% -> 6%

  • Poor soul head: 10% -> 7%

  • Bjorn's axe: 13% -> 9%

  • War crystal: 15% -> 10%

  • Alptrahmun brush 12% -> 11%


  • raven herb: 2% -> 3%

  • shimmer ball: 2% -> 4%

  • medusa shield: 3% -> 5%

  • morgaroth's heart: 3% -> 6%

  • soul stone: 3% -> 6%

  • golden scorpion pendant: 4% -> 8%

  • jaul’s pearl: 5% -> 9%

  • mouse doll: 6% -> 10%

  • celestial chart: 6% -> 12%

  • rainbow opal: 7% -> 12%

  • the crown of the percht queen: 5% -> 10%

  • blue spectacles: 4% -> 8%

Client Changes

  • Now, to save for a preset name you must click in the square so you can enter its name, opening a separate window. The, write the name you wish and click confirm;

  • Chaos level may now be adjusted accordingly in their respective system interfaces;

  • Added gold balance to the relic fusion interface.

General Changes/Fixes/Additions

  • Added new items upon reaching:

> level 100: 1st unlocker
> level 700: 1x 2nd unlocker
> level 1350: 1x 3rd unlocker
> level 2000: 1x 4th unlocker

  • Added a waypoint to the Frosty Angel spawn;

  • Added sex change to the store;

  • Squeezing Gear of Girlpower will now work for fishing.

  • Tutorial system disabled